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Sage and Onion Yorkshire pudding recipe

With Winter just around the corner and more comfort meals creeping into our menu I wanted to share our Sage and Onion Yorkshire pudding recipe with you, we have been using this recipe for years and it's still a winner to this day.  Recipe (Makes 4 large puddings) 100ml Milk 2 large eggs 70g Plain flour 1 tsp Sage 1 tsp Onion salt Salt and pepper Oil for cooking Method 1. In a large jug mix the eggs and flour together as smooth as possible. 2. Slowly pour in the milk mixing well until completely smooth. 3. Add your sage, onion and salt and pepper into the mix and stir in. 4. Place a tbsp of oil into each Yorkshire pudding tin hole and heat for around 15 mins of gas mark 7 5. Pour your mixture into the four holes as even as possible.  6. Cook for around 15 minutes and turn over if possible to cook for another 5 minutes. ( I find this cooks the bottom nicely) 7. Serve with meal and enjoy.  These are honestly so yummy and go with so many meals such as sausage and .Ash or a
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Tidy Tot | Messy play made fun #Adgifted

Messy play is fun for the kids but not always for the parents with the clear up after. We have recently been gifted some useful items to help with that and I am excited to share them with you. Tidy Tot was created to make weaning a little bit less messy and has grown from there, some of there products include full length bibs and snack packs which we have been kindly sent to give them a go.  Firstly is the long length cover all bib, these come in handy for both dinner time and messy play and come in some great patterns too. they come with a handy pouch to keep you bib in and for ease of carrying it with you, a soft velcro fastening around the neck, a side opening crumb catch pocket and long cuffed sleeves.  We currently use this mainly for messy play as Olivia is a pretty clean eater, the one thing I really like is that it doesn't rustle a lot when worn which was a worry of mine. The bib is easily removed and can either be wiped down or thrown into the washing machine m

Autumn Tag

Hello, I thought that today I would take part in the Autumn tag so you can all get to know me a little better, I took part in this on my old blog many years back and a lot has changed since. Autumn has to be my favourite season with so much change and the excitement for Christmas not far ahead. 1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you? I know Autumn starts at the end of September but for me its the first of November when it starts to officially feel like Autumn, it all of the sudden feels different and colder after Halloween and especially when the clocks go back too. 2. What is your favourite Autumn scent? My favourite autumn scents are either Orange or berries, they always make the house smell so warm and toasty in wax melt form and I love them in a hand cream or even a bubble bath scent too around this time of year.. 3. What is your favourite Autumn colour? My favourite Autumn colour has to be the burnt orange for the leaves but burgundy colour for clothing, the are just very w

Cottage pie recipe

I have recently started making my own Cottage pie with a recipe that I have tweeted to work four our fussy family. I find that a cottage pie is such an Autumn/Winter staple as it feeling like such a warm, hearty meal, one that is a proper comfort meal.  I recently started making the meal and found that I didn't have a packet mix in so decided to find a recipe to try out, the first one I found sounded good but I changed it slightly to fit our family, Lils isn't keen on fresh onion ad none of us like celery. I thought I would share our recipe with you which can easily be adapted if need be. Recipe 500g Beef Mince 1 carton of tomato passata  1 tbs tomato paste 1 beef stock cube 1 beef stock pot 1 tsp onion salt 1 tsp garlic granules 1 tsp mixed herbs 2 medium carrots sliced and part cooked Salt and pepper 3 large potatoes for mash 75g cheese Method 1. Preheat you oven to gas mark 4/180oC 2. Brown off the mince and drain off excess oil from the pan. 3. Pour in the passa

Sensory play | Halloween rice tray

Today I have a simple and fun Halloween sensory play for you little ones to enjoy, it involves rice, paint and some seasonal items. To start off you need some uncooked rice and paint in the colours of your choice, we went for orange and black. Mix the rice with a bit of your paint until covered, then smooth out and let it dry on some foil, it only takes around 30 minutes for this to happen.  I have mixed my colours together once dry and poured into a tray then added some mini Halloween decorations, a spoon and a small pot for her to interact with. It is so simple to set up and tidy up to and Olivia loved playing with it. This kind of play promotes colours, texture, hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills and can be adapted to different seasons or celebrations for some extra fun.  I would highly recommend trying this out with your little ones, its kept Olivia amused for a good half an hour and was a great way to what her interact in different ways. If you ha

Scotney Castle | Scotney School of Sorcery

Yesterday we took a trip to Scotney Castle for a Halloween adventure we had a voucher for a family pass and thought that this was the perfect time to take the opportunity to have some family fun.  At Scotney castle they are running half term fun in the form of Scotney school of Sorcery, during your visit you will need to find words that are part of a spell and at the end if you need to use the spell and see its it's correct. This has a small charge of £3 for you spell sheet and a prize at the end of an insect gummy. The do encourage dress up too for this event. They have decorated the grounds, castle and house beautifully with pumpkins everywhere and the clues were very spooky and made the day extra fun. The grounds look beautiful right now with the autumn colours everywhere and leaves pathing the grass. The grounds are suitable for wheel and buggy but it does have so steep slopes. We headed down to the old caste first which is part ruin, part house which is surrounded

Halloween Basket | Halloween 2022

Every year I create a little treat basket for Halloween mainly containing bits to keep them occupied over the Half term. It get the kids excited and always puts a smile on there faces. I wanted to share what I have got this year for the girls in hope that it might give someone so ideas for there little ones if they want to create one.  First we love a good good book and this year we have two, I purchased one and the other was a gift from my Dad and Angie. This years book choices are Peppa's Magical Halloween and Spinderella . The next couple of bits are a create your own which I love to get for the kids, I did leave it a little late this year so had to shop around. The little cat tea light is from Poundland and the decorate you own mug was from The Works. I love getting these out every year and it's nice to add to our collections. I then picked up a Halloween ghost poppet for Lils and a bat light up toy for Olivia from Poundland as a little treat. Lastl